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My Hughes Net Email

  • The “My Hughes Net” web site is the main online portal for customers of Hughes Internet and is primarly used for email
  • Customers can use MyHughesNet to login to their HughesNet e-mail, or to find information on current news, sports, movies, and more
  • By logging in to MyHughes, customers also get customized news on their front page that’s specifically tailored to their interests (this means that users will need to allow cookies on their computer)

Customers who sign up for HughesNet Internet service do not need a phone line or dial up modem to use their service. High speed Internet from Hughes is always on, and is available nationwide. MyHughesNet offers Internet plans that have data allowances of 10 GB, 15GB, 20 GB, and more, and any unused data rolls over to the next month. Hughes Communications even offers special instructions for customers to improve video performance by reducing overall bandwidth usage.

People interested in learning more about HughesNet Internet can visit one of the 600 offices around America, or can logon to start the process of signing up for Hughes.

More Important Things to Know About Hughes Communications

Hughes Communications opened in 1971, and has just over 1,900 employees around the world. Their HughesNet Internet service provides satellite Internet to mostly rural customers who couldn’t otherwise get Internet service.

  • Was first known as “Digital Communication Corp of Rockville, Maryland”
  • Today, HughesNet is the number one satellite Internet service in the United States
  • Most years, Hughes Communications has a total net income of almost $23 million

To contact the corporate headquarters of HughesNet

  • 11717 Exploration Lane, Germantown, MD 20876
  • 301-428-5500

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