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My HR Campbells

  • The Campbells MyHR site is where employees who work for Campbell’s can manage their HR information like requesting time off, viewing old pay stubs, changing their tax exemptions and more
  • Campbells My HR is only open to Campbells employees and retirees, and access by anyone who doesn’t fall under that category could be punishable by local laws
  • The information that employees can get on the Campbell Soup HR web site is considered to be the same that would be available from a human resources officer on site

People who work for the Campbell’s corporation have the My HR Campbells web site that handles much of the information that they could get by visiting their local on site HR rep. Workers who have forgotten their password to the Campbell’s HR web site will need to enter the primary e-mail address they used when setting up their account, and a hint to the password will be sent to that address.

More About the Campbell’s Soup Company

Campbell’s Soup began in 1869 in Camden, New Jersey, and now sells their products in 120 countries across the world. There are currently just under 18,000 Campbells Soup employees, and Campbells has an annual revenue that passes $7 billion.

  • Campbells Soup cans have been very famous in pop culture thanks to artists like Andy Warhol incorporating them into their works

To get help from Campbell’s HR:

  • 1 800 829-59111

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