www.mycreditinform.com – Capital One Credit Tracker 100% FREE

My Credit Inform

  • Capital One cardholders can sign up for a free credit tracker tool
  • The My Credit Inform tool will provide access to credit scores and other cool features such as credit alerts and grade overview
  • Please note that this tool is not yet available on Spark or partner cards

The Credit Tracker is 100% free and be used as often as the card holder likes without affecting a credit score (via Capital One).  The credit alert feature will inform customers in regards to when TransUnion report a change to their credit score which include delinquent accounts and a change of address (this service is an excellent tool to help protect against credit card fraud or stolen ID).

Further talking points in regards to My Credit Inform

  • Under no circumstances will this tool be used for credit or lending decisions
  • The customers score will be updated every 30 days
  • The credit tracker score is based on a neat system called the TransUnion New Account Model (this state of the art model uses information in a customers TransUnion credit report, which may include bill pay history, amount of available credit, number and age of open accounts, recent credit activity, etc and is the most accurate model to date put out by any of the three credit score unions)
  • Accounts not reported to TransUnion will not be used by the credit tracker and could cause for inaccurate information
  • Credit score tools are provided for educational purposes only and should not be relied upon for 100% accurate information in all cases

This credit tracker tool is associated with popular Capital One credit cards to include the Quicksilver, Venture, Classic Platinum, Spark Cash For Business and the Journey Student credit cards.