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My CornerStone Loan

  • Make a payment on your Cornerstone educational loan
  • Save money with automatic payments, which will give you a .25% reduction in your interest rate
  • Access information about your Cornerstone loan account, including how much of a balance remains, and when your last payment made was.

The Cornerstone company has been helping students with their educational loan needs for decades. They are a non-profit organization that helps students and parents fully understand education loans by making them as simple as possible. They provide personal service to make sure that repayment is as easy as possible.

When you set up your Cornerstone loan account online, you have access to everything you need regarding that account. You can make a payment, see what balance remains, change your personal information, and calculate when you will have your loan paid off. There are even options to discuss what to do if you’re having trouble making payments.

One of the primary benefits of online access is that you can sign up for automatic payments. Automatic payments are the absolute easiest way to make a payment on your loan. You know that your payment will be made on the exact same day every month, and you even get a .25% reduction in your interest rate. To apply for automatic payments, just download a simple form, complete and sign it, and mail it in. You can even choose what due date you want. On the months that this date falls on a weekend, your payment will be taken out on the next business day. This due date can be changed at any time.

Details about repayment are some of the most important things a student borrowers can understand about their loan. Cornerstone has created very easy to understand documents that explain your repayment schedule.

To contact Conerstone customer service, use:

  • customerservice@mycornerstoneloan.org
  • 800.663.1662