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My Brewery Visit

  • Craftworks Brewery is offering an exclusive discount opportunity for customers.
  • In order to easily claim the discount, customers must complete an online survey
  • Craftworks created the survey in order to gauge organizational performance, and hopes to use the survey to improve customer satisfaction company-wide

Take advantage of Craftworks Brewery’s exciting discount offer! Craftworks Brewery customers are eligible to receive an exclusive coupon good for any purchase at Craftworks. In exchange, the brewery asks that customers complete a brief survey.

Important Information

  • In order to access the survey, you need a validation code
  • These codes are found on the bottom of all Craftworks receipts
  • Craftworks provides the coupon code once you complete the survey
  • Each household is eligible for one coupon code per month
  • Even if you take the survey more than once per month, Craftworks will only grant one coupon code per thirty days
  • Remember, you can’t access the survey without your validation code
  • Craftwork does this to make sure that they receive actionable feedback from real customers
  • If you have trouble accessing the survey, contact your Craftworks location as soon as possible

Craftworks Brewery announced that they are using the survey to improve the customer experience. Based on key information, Craftworks plans to evaluate overall company performance and implement customer suggestions whenever possible.

How to Take the Survey

  • Visit www.mybreweryvisit.com
  • Enter your validation code (remember, it’s the code at the bottom of your receipt).
  • Make sure you answer every question thoroughly.
  • Once you submit your survey, Craftworks will provide your discount code.

Craftworks’ customer survey is a fantastic opportunity that allows you to make your voice heard and inspire positive changes at one of your favorite companies – all while receiving a great discount! Check out www.mybreweryvisit.com today to get started.