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MO Smart Child Support

  • Make a child support payment in Missouri easily online with the Missouri Family Support Payment Center
  • A valid e-mail address will be necessary to use Missouri’s online child support payment web site
  • When making a Missouri child support payment online, residents will need to enter a case number, or the payment will not be processed and funds will not be deducted from the payee’s account

The Missouri Family Support Payment Center web site is designed for Missouri residents to quickly and easily make child support payments, either for custodial or non custodial parents, or for employers who are needing assistance with Missouri child support payment process.

MO Smart Child Support Comments

  • Residents who are having Missouri child support payments deducted from their paycheck can log on to make a payment, but that will not stop payroll deductions
  • A payment made through the Missouri child support online portal can be for any amount, but it’s encouraged to be for the same amount each time to avoid delinquency

Missouri will usually take about 5 days to validate a child support payment bank account that has never been used before. No debit card or credit card transactions will be allowed for Missouri child support payments.

What will residents need to make a Missouri child support payment online?

To set up an account for making child support payments in Missouri, users will need to create an account with their name and address, Social Security number, telephone number, case number, e-mail address, and bank account information (like routing number, account number, and type of account  – savings or checking). Only one bank account per user can be authorized to make a child support payment online in Missouri

To contact a representative about a Missouri Child Support Payment:

  • MO Family Support Payment Center (MO FSPC), P. O. Box 109006, Jefferson City, MO 65110-9006
  • 1-888-761-3665

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