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MI Pay Slips

  • The Mi Pay Slips web site lets employees of the Mitie company log on to see their paychecks and tax information
  • Pay slips on the Mitie Mi Pay web site are updated each day, and new pay slips are visible on the day they’re paid out to employees
  • Employees of Mitie can also find their tax information, plus their personal employee information like employee number and hiring date on the Mi Pay site

Mi Pay Slips contains confidential personal information on their web site, and anyone logging on agrees to comply with local and federal laws. Access to Mi Pay Slips is limited to employees of the Mitie company, and access by anyone outside of this company is considered in violation of the law. To log on to the Mitie pay slips system, workers will need to log in with their employee number, their e-mail address, and set up a new password for their Mitie employee account.

Any employee of Mitie that has questions or problems with using  the MiPayslips web site (or one that needs an activation code) are asked to contact the Mitie on-line payslips team at OnlinePayslipQuery@mitie.com.

More about the Mitie company

  • Mitie has over 30 years of experience and is one of only 2  companies on the FTSE 250 to grow their earnings per share each year for over 29 consecutive years

To contact Mitie about a payslip

  • 1 Harlequin Office Park, Fieldfare, Emersons Green, Bristol, BS16 7FN
  • +44 (0)117 970 8800

Mitie specializes in strategic outsourcing and energy services. Most commonly, they help companies with facilities management solutions, lower occupancy costs and energy performance guarantees. In short, anything a company needs to run more efficiently, Mitie works to help make this happen.

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