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Minecraft Mods Pack

  • The Minecraft Mods Pack site lets Minecraft players upload their game files for storage and for sharing with other players
  • To upload a Minecraft file to Minecraft Mods Pack.com, users just need to drag and drop the file to the right spot on the web page or click “Select files” and choose their files
  • There is a limit of 7 MB in files that can be uploaded to the Minecraft Mods Pack site, but that value can be changed, increased, or decreased as is necessary to free up space on servers

Minecraft Mods Pack even has an auto delete feature where files will be deleted after a certain number of days to help keep space free (this is automatically set to 1 day by default). When a file is uploaded to Minecraft mods, the link to access that file can be e-mailed, but whoever has the link also has access to delete the file permanently.

More about Minecraft

Minecraft is a very popular “sandbox” game that has been around since 2011, and has millions of players around the world. It is the very best selling PC game of all time, and the second best selling video game of all time, behind only Tetris. Minecraft has won numerous awards like Best Downloadable Game, Game of the Year, and Best Game Innovation.

  • There is even an official Minecraft con that happens each year in Las Vegas, where players and fans of the game come together for two days of all things Minecraft: chats with developers, Minecraft costume contests, classes on Minecraft, and more

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