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Menards BIG Card

  • With their BIG card, Menards offers one of the most exciting credit card opportunities for home improvement enthusiasts.
  • The card provides several benefits every time you make a purchase at a Menards store, as well as a wide variety of exclusive savings opportunities.
  • Members can use their BIG cards on any Menards purchase, whether big or small!

The new Menard’s BIG card is a home improver’s dream! With competitive interest rates and exclusive promotions like six month interest-free financing, 2% rebate on each and every purchase, or forty-eight month financing with just 4% interest, this is one of the most competitive credit card opportunities available!

Important Information

  • Applying for a Mendards BIG card doesn’t guarantee approval
  • Customers can only choose one promotion at a time – either the 2% rebate, interest-free six month financing, or low-interest forty-eight month financing.
  • Once the interest-free or low-interest promotion expires, Menards will assess a variable interest rate of around 25% to all purchases. Because interest adds up quickly, it’s extremely important to pay your balance off within the promotion time frame.

When you apply for the BIG card, Menards will require that you submit sensitive information like your social security number, driver licence information, and yearly salary. While the BIG card offers fantastic promotions, be aware of the card terms such as interest, payment information, and fees. This will ensure you get the most out of your card without overpaying for the privilege.

How to Apply

  • Go online to menards.com/bigcard.
  • Click “Apply Now” and fill out the application in its entirety.
  • Make sure you entered all of your information correctly before you submit your application.
  • Sometimes, Menards will return a credit approval or denial immediately. In other cases, it may take more time, so don’t stress if you aren’t immediately approved.

With incredible savings opportunities, unbeatable promotions, unlimited rebates, and extra cash back bonuses on dozens of brands, the Menards BIG card is definitely one of the most valuable credit opportunities available. Apply today to start enjoying BIG card benefits!