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Mammoth Mountain Ski Area TCPA

  • Obtain all the gritty details in regards to the class action lawsuit entitled Paul Story v. Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, LLC
  • The lawsuit is listed as case number 2:14-cv-02422-JAM-DB
  • Claim forms must be filed by 3/18/18

Class members are defined as anyone in the US who received at least one prerecorded or artificial-voice telephone call on their respective cellular or landline telephones from Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, LLC for a marketing or advertising purpose.  Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, LLC denies any action of wrong doing but have agreed to 3.75 million dollar settlement in order to avoid a long drawn out trail.

ManmmothTCPASettlement.com Contact Information

  • Mail: Paul Story v. Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, LLC, c/o Postlehwaite & Netterville, PO Box 206, Claysburg, PA 16625-0206
  • Phone: 1-844-663-7660 (toll-free)
  • Fax: 814-239-1149
  • Email: claims@mammothtcpasettlement.com

The exact amount of money any one class member will receive associated with the Paul Story v. Mammoth Mountain Ski Area LLC class action lawsuit is not known but experts predict they will receive around $500.

Class members who would like to exclude or object to the 3.75 million dollar settlement can do so by February 20, 2018.  Please note class members who elect to exclude themselves from the settlement will not get a settlement payment and may not object to the settlement.  All objections must be mailed to Robert T. Matsui Federal Courthouse, Clerk’s Office, 501 I Street,  Room 4 – 200, Sacramento, CA 95814 (please include proper postage and the class members full name with the CLAIM ID).

Those who wish to submit a claim online will need the Claim ID.  The Claim ID can be found on the mailing postcard or e-mail notice that was received by the class member.  Class members who do not receive a notice or do not have the claim ID can still check to see if they qualify for the lawsuit by providing their phone number.


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