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Lowe’s Protection Plans

  • Lowe’s Protection Plans are designed for shoppers to have protection for their purchases after the manufacturer’s warranty expires
  • Most manufacturer’s warranties expire after one year, but additional protection from Lowe’s adds an extra one to two years
  • A Lowe’s plan protects against the normal things a warranty would, but also adds product protection against normal wear and tear, surge protection, and “no lemon” protection

To help provide a little more peace of mind, customers who buy something at a Lowe’s store (less than $200) can purchase an additional protection plan that goes beyond what a normal manufacturer’s warranty would cover. When customers buy a Lowe’s Protection Plan, Lowe’s  will make repairs on the product covered (including both electrical or mechanical failure) at no additional cost to the customer. Any product repaired under a Lowe’s plan will be repaired by a Lowe’s authorized technician for the entire life of the plan.

Customers have up to 30 days from the date of their purchase to add additional protection from Lowe’s. A Lowe’s protection plan is transferable from one person to another if the product is sold, and there are no additional or hidden fees to do this. An additional protection plan from Lowe’s doesn’t cover accidental damage or outright abuse of a product, it doesn’t cover what’s considered to be routine maintenance and “consumable” products.

Is registering a Lowe’s Product Protection Plan required?

It’s not mandatory to register a Lowe’s protection plan online, but it is recommended.If customers don’t have their original receipt, registering their Lowe’s protection plan online makes filing a claim much easier.

  • For Lowe’s protection that isn’t registered online, customer can call Lowe’s to locate their information with their name and phone number

To contact Lowe’s about a product protection plan:

  • 1-888-77LOWES

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