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Loss Prevention Center

  • The National Prevention Center is a free consumer awareness agency that aims to help families stop foreclosures
  • When homeowners just enter their e-mail address, they will receive a state specific guide from the The National Prevention Center to avoiding foreclosure in their state
  • People who have missed at least one house payment should take pro-active steps (found in The National Prevention Center guide) to stop the foreclosure process before it starts

National Prevention Center is not affiliated with any government agency, but works closely with several (like the FHA and HUD) to help homeowners stop foreclosure against their homes. Foreclosure is very time sensitive, so it’s important for homeowners to get information from The National Prevention Center as quickly as they can. The National Prevention Center guarantees privacy for their customers, and any e-mail addresses will never be disclosed for any other purpose.

Common Foreclosure Mistakes from the National Prevention Center

The National Prevention Center has a list of the most common foreclosure mistakes that people make, including waiting on family and friends to help, thinking the existing home lender will be flexible, thinking that the homeowner’s credit will be ruined, and hoping that the lender will forgive missed payments. Being late on 5 or even 10 mortgage payments is much less detrimental to a person’s credit than losing their house to foreclosure

  • The National Prevention Center knows intricacies of foreclosure laws and helps make these laws work for homeowners

To contact the National Prevention Center

  • 1529 N Lassen Ave, Ontario, CA
  • (909) 545-6364

Home owners who are in immediate jeopardy of loosing their home should select the “I need a quick resolution! Please have a Prevention Center Affiliate contact me within 24 hrs” option and speak with a customer service agent as soon as possible to discuss possible options to avoid foreclosure.

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