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Lend Up Preapproved

  • People who have been pre approved for a loan from LendUp can log on to complete their application online and get an instant decision
  • Good credit isn’t required to get a loan from LendUp, in fact, a LendUp loan is designed for people with credit that may not let them get a loan anywhere else
  • For a payment that is returned by a borrower’s bank, LendUp does charge a one time additional fee for non sufficient funds
  • LendUp does not allow an existing loan to be renewed

The Lendup application process shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to complete, and potential borrower will know the result of their application right away (with no waiting around for days to hear back like when applying for a loan from a big bank). To get started with a LendUp loan application, customers will need to enter their preapproval code (a 12 digit number) that was printed on the mailing they received. Customers without a LendUp preapproval code can still apply for a loan, they’ll just need to click on the special link. Per the loan rules, customers who get a loan from LendUp and fail to make payment on that loan may receive collection notices about their debt. LendUp may sell the customer’s information to a third-party debt collection agency or another company that specializes in collecting past due consumer debt.

What does preapproval for a LendUp loan mean?

When customers get a loan preapproval notice from LendUp, it means their credit meets certain conditions at that time. A preapproval notice doesn’t absolutely guarantee that someone will receive final approval for a loan. When a customer actually applies for a loan from LendUp, their credit at that time is taken into account.

To contact LendUp about a loan application

  • 237 Kearny St, #372, San Francisco, CA 94108

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