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Last Chance Income

  • Find out how to avoid having Social Security checks cut by the next administration, regardless of what president makes it into office
  • In certain special situations, people can collect all of the Social Security checks they’re owed at one time, instead of having them spread out month to month
  • At age 70, there is a one time Social Security bonus that can be claimed just by filling out paperwork, and Last Chance Income shows users how

Sign up for the Last Chance Income information system to find out how to utilize tax loopholes to not only stop Social Security payment from decreasing, but actually make them greater. People who sign up for this program will have 60 days to analyze the information to see if it’s right for them. If at any point a customer doesn’t like what they see (in that two month period), they can return it for a full refund. As a thank you to new customers, the Palm Beach Research Group is offering several great gifts like “The Retirement Crib Sheet” and “The Big Black Book of Income Secrets.”

Last Chance Income Comments

  • The Last Chance Income website gives Americans information on taking advantage of a few final Social Security payment before drastic cuts come with the next Presidential inauguration
  • This program can provide as much as $60,000 in additional income over the course of a lifetime.

More About the Last Chance Income site

  • Headed by Blair Morse, a senior research analyst for an independent financial firm
  • Part of a network of financial affiliates spread over 20 countries, read by over 2 million people every single day
  • Has nearly 40 years of financial prediction experience, correctly pegging events like Bill Clinton taxing citizens who give up their citizenship and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac going bankrupt

A toll-free number could not be found of the Last Chance income newsletter service but customer can reach the firm via US Mail by writing to: Palm Beach Research Group, 55 NE 5th Avenue, Delray Beach, FL. 33483.

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