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Kroger i-Wireless Services

  • Customers can purchase comprehensive wireless phone service from Kroger
  • Kroger has coverage all over the country and a wide selection of the most popular devices
  • Kroger offers great plans at fantastic prices, contract-free service, and even a one-of-a-kind rewards program

Kroger now has one of the most reliable wireless networks available! Customers get great service and convenient no-contract plans along with the best phones on the market. These amazing plans start at a mere $35 per month!

Important Information

  • Kroger’s i-Wireless services are delivered on the Sprint Network
  • Kroger bills customers on a thirty day regardless of the number of days in the month, or holidays and weekends
  •  If you go over your data limit during a billing cycle, you’ll receive extra charges. Kroger will also throttle your data speed
  • You can purchase a phone through Kroger outright, select a payment plan, or even provide your own phone

While prices start at $35, you may pay more depending on the type of phone you want and how much data you need. For example, the $35 promo price includes unlimited talk and text, but only 250 megabytes of data. By comparison, most major carriers start at three gigabytes per month. If you want unlimited data, you’ll be paying around $75 per month, not including the cost of your phone.

More Details

  • Customers can start i-Wireless service any time by visiting a Kroger store.
  • Once you activate phone service, you have access to a convenient online account that allows you to manage your usage, plan, your device. You can even pay your bill online.
  • Kroger also offers an amazing rewards program. The company actually applies credit toward your bill for every dollar you spend at Kroger stores.

Kroger’s i-Wireless service is one of the most flexible and convenient cell phone plans currently available. With no contracts, fantastic price points, and amazing devices – not to mention the fact that Kroger pays your phone bill as you shop – this is a great wireless service option.