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Kodak Go Ink Loyal

  • Register a Kodak Inkjet printer to be enrolled in Kodak’s Ink Loyalty Program
  • The Kodak Loyalty program gives members great discounts on Kodak products, exclusive money-saving opportunities through e-mail, and access to faster support if the printer ever runs into trouble, and even if the printer is out of warranty
  • Kodak’s Ink Loyalty program is completely free to join, and provides a number of great benefits for Kodak printer users

Kodak’s Ink Loyalty Program has a number of great benefits, including free live support with a Kodak service agent, free printheads and other service parts to install yourself, faster diagnostics support if you ever have a printer that needs service, and exclusive offers like discounts on Kodak ink and paper.

The Kodak Ink Loyalty program

  • Lets users have their 10 series printheads and 30 series printheads replaced completely free of charge, as long as supplies are still available
  • To begin using Kodak’s Ink Loyalty program, customers just need to register their Kodak Inkjet Printer
  • If users agree to share their printer’s ink usage statistics and printer performance data, they will be eligible to receive even more benefits
  • Customers can also opt in to receive even more money-saving e-mails from Kodak

More information about Kodak

Kodak is one of the most famous companies in America, with roots that go back to 1881. In its early days, Kodak adopted the “razor blade” strategy to help sales, where cameras were fairly inexpensive, but film, chemicals, and processing paper were where the largest margins were made. Up until the 1970s, Kodak held an incredible 90% of film sales and 85% of camera sales.

Today, Kodak has their corporate headquarters at 343 State St, Rochester, NY 14650, and has an annual revenue of over $4 billion. Kodak employs over 6,000 people at locations around the world.

To contact Kodak about their Ink Loyalty Program
  • (716) 724-4000


  1. Contact Kodak Go Ink Loyal
  2. www.kodak.com/go/inkloyal