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KFC Feedback BD

  • Complete the KFC guest survey and you will receive a free coupon good for your next visit
  • You will need to take this survey within three days of your visit
  • Save your receipt, as you will need some of the details that are on it

Since 1930, KFC has been known as the go-to source for delicious fried chicken. But good food doesn’t mean much if it’s not backed up by good service, and KFC is no slouch in that area either. They take their customers very seriously, and make a genuine effort to treat them well.

If you’ve dined at a KFC restaurant recently, here’s your chance to share how that visit went. When you take this survey, you’re not only making KFC better fort future customers, but you’re getting something for yourself in the process – a free coupon for the next time you come by! This survey does need to be taken within three days of your visit to KFC, and you need to save your receipt that has the code printed on it.

To start taking this survey, just enter the code that is printed at the bottom of your receipt and click the “Start” button. From that point, you will be asked a series of questions about your visit. Be ready to share what you thought about your food, the service you received from employees, and the condition of the actual restaurant itself.

One of the biggest ways a restaurant can improve is to listen to customer feedback, so it’s important to make sure you answer these questions honestly. You will not be asked for your personal information, so even your name is not attached to what you say here.

To contact KFC:

  • 1 (800) 225-5532
  • Use the “contact us” form that you can find on their website