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JGW Reward Card

  • Activate the popular J.G. Wentworth card online in less than 1 minute
  • In order to start the activation process the customer must have the prepaid card number
  • Once the prepaid card account has been activated the customer can review a balance and recent transactions

The JGW Reward Card activation process will also require the customer to have the 3 digit CVS number and provide their phone number associated with the card.  The JGW Reward Card will come in two colors; green for those who like money and silver.  The green card will display the words “JG Wentworth Cash Now” in the top right hand corner of the card while the silver card will show “JG Wentworth Rewards Card”.

J.G. Wentworth Visa Prepaid Card Comments

  • Can be used anywhere Visa is accepted
  • Weekly pay checks can be loaded directed to the card
  • There is no cost for a J.G. Wentworth Cash Now Visa Prepaid Card when ordering online
  • JGW Reward Cards can be loaded at any Western Union or MoneyGram locations
  • It is recommend that cardholders use MoneyPass surcharge free ATM’s ONLY as this will allow the customer to avoid a costly ATM fee
  • The card can be used to make purchases online at popular retail sites like Amazon and Walmart

Any questions about the JGW reward card activation process can be directed to a customer service agent at (855) 732-9496.  Once the customer has enrolled please allow up to 7 days for their card to be delivered via US Mail.  Please note those who fail to load at least $500 onto their JG Reward Card will incur a monthly maintenance fee of $2.95.

J.G. Wentworth is a Radnor, Pennsylvania based financial service firm that lives by the slogan “It’s your money, use it when you need it!“.  The firm was founded in 1991 and provides direct-to-consumer access to financing needs.

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