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Iowa Child Support

  • Logon to manage Iowa child support payments that are taken directly from employer paychecks
  • More than $350 million in child support payments in the state of Iowa are submitted through this system each year
  • As of April 22, 2015, all payments, employee records, and forms that were older than Jan. 1, 2013, have been archived, and are no longer accessible

The Iowa DHS Employer service site is designed for employers to submit child support payments that are taken directly out of employee’s wages. It’s estimated that over $350 million in child support payment each year are submitted through the Iowa DHS system. With the Iowa Department of Human Services online system, these payment are set to automatically come from employee’s paychecks, and into the appropriate child support account.

In many cases, making sure that child support payment are made is no easy task. But the Iowa Department of Human Services makes sure that child support payment are handled as quickly and as easily as possible for all parties involved with their convenient online system.

With the Iows DHS online system, employers can do much more than just make child support payments though. Corporations can receive Iowa child support forms electronically, report newly hired and rehired employees that are paying child support, and report the termination of an employee that’s paying child support. To report a new hire in Iowa that’s paying child support, companies only need to upload a text document instead of filling out and mailing in a paper form.

Companies that do not have an account with the Iowa DHS will need to register to submit child support payment. Companies with an account will only need to submit their FEIN, the user ID, and their password to login and manage payments.

To contact the Iowa DHS Employer Service Office:

  • (877) 274-2580
  • csrue@dhs.state.ia.us


  1. www.iowachildsupport.gov