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  • The NetQuote website lets customers shop from thousands of local insurance agents to help get the best rates for insurance with free quotes that are specifically tailored to each individual customer
  • Insurance4m has relationships with hundreds of companies like State Farm, Allstate, Progressive, Esurance, Travelers, and more, and works with those companies to find offers that may not be available to other customers
  • Customers who are using the insurance4me web site will simply complete a secure online application, and NetQuote will immediately match their application with local agents offering detailed quotes

Shoppers looking for new insurance can use the Insurance4me service to find the best rates for their specific scenario. Once the initial application is complete, customers will receive up to 4 free insurance quote offers with a wide variety of coverage options directly from the insurance agencies.  Insurance4Me is the most visited online insurance shopping websites, and NetQuote is the largest online insurance shopping marketplace. NetQuote provides a direct connection for insurance providers, saving companies the hassle of making cold calls, and immediately providing them with with the contact information of interested shoppers.

  • A  members services section of the NetQuote web site helps customers that might be overwhelmed with the whole shopping process, and has a section with answers on how the process of shopping with Insurance4Me works
  • The NetQuote web site offers insurance calculators that let customers see how car insurance rates change from month to month, how car insurance rates are calculated (and how claims impact the insurance process), and comparison tools to compare different vehicles
  • There are also calculators to figure how moving impacts car insurance, an Obamacare Penalty Calculator, and an Obamacare subsidy calculator
  • NetQuote was founded in 1989, and has given millions of customers a convenient way to shop for auto, home, health, and business insurance

To contact Insurance4Me:

  • 7300 RM 2222 Building 2, Suite 100 Austin, TX 78730

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