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Hummingbird Loans

  • US residents who need a fast, easy loan can choose Hummingbird Loans to get an instant payday loan that provides up to $2,000 in just 24 hours
  • Depending on state laws, Hummingbird also offers installment loans and lines of credit
  • There are no up front fees with a loan from Hummingbird, and no hidden fees (just the actual interest on the loan)

A loan application from Hummingbird takes just a few minutes to complete, and only asks about 4 simple financial questions to get through the main application. Hummingbird then works with several loan partners, and lets customers choose the loan terms they like best, letting the applicant decide how much they want their payment to be, and how long they want to pay back their loan. Payday loans are considered some of the fastest and easiest loans to get, and many don’t even require a credit check. Because of this, it’s easy for people with bad credit (or who have very little credit history) to get a payday loan with Hummingbird.

If a customer is having trouble making payments to a Hummingbird loan, it’s recommended that they call a customer service representative, who can oftentimes work to grant an extension or to lower Hummingbird loan payments.

How are Hummingbird loans paid out to the customer?

All Hummingbird loans are deposited into the applicants bank account directly electronically, which is much faster and much more secure than getting a paper check (this means borrowers will need to have an active bank account to get a loan from Hummingbird). Hummingbird offers no loans that are paid out through paper checks.

  • If a potential loan applicant with Hummingbird does not have a bank account, Hummingbird will work with the customer to help establish a new free bank account through a local bank
  • To contact Hummingbird Loans dial 1-888-340-0328

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