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Humana One Network

  • Humana customers can use the HumanaOne provider locator tool to locate the closest vision or dental medical facility to their location, or to see if the dental practice they’re already visiting accepts Humana
  • The HumanaOne network has thousands of doctors to choose from, with each one being accessible no matter the dental or vision plan the customer has
  • To use the Humana vision and dental locator, customers simply need to enter their ZIP code, along with search criteria like mile radium, provider’s last name, facility name, and specialty

The Humana One Network offers full coverage dental insurance, orthodontic service discounts, discount dental insurance plans, and even supplemental dental insurance plans. There is no underwriting with Humana’s dental and vision plans. That means that customers will not be turned down when they apply for insurance just because they may have prior dental problems.  The Humana Dental insurance website offers a map that lists what options are available in each state. This map lists the maximum benefit that’s allowed with each program, whether the plan is available to Medicare Advantage members, and whether that plan provides coverage with all dentists.

Humana One Network Comments

  • A separate search tool is available for Humana customer to find a general physician
  • Provides over 1000 doctors and dentist through their network
  • Most customers will want to search for providers in their area via zip code

More information about Humana

  • Founded in 1961 in Louisville, Kentucky
  • Has over 13 million customers in the United States, and reports an annual revenue of over $41 billion
  • Is the highest ranked Fortune company in Kentucky, and the third largest insurance provider in the nation

Humana is one of the most well-known names in insurance, and has traditional consumer choice insurance plans as well as government sponsored insurance programs, employer sponsored group insurance, and even individual insurance (Humana has a mail order prescription facility located in Phoenix, Arizona, and a call center that’s located in Cincinnati, Ohio).

To contact Humana One Network about dental insurance:

  • Humana Inc., 500 W. Main Street, Louisville, KY 40202
  • 1-800-486-2620

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