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HRS Account Justice Credit Card

  • Logon to enroll your Justice card in online benefits so you can take full advantage of everything the card offers
  • To sign up your Justice card for online services, you will need your account number and the personal information of the primary account holder
  • Justice is out to provide age appropriate clothing for preteen and tween girls that are still stylish

With almost 900 locations across the United States, Justice stores have been supplying teens with some of the hottest fashions since the late 1980s. For nearly 30 years now, Justice has been on top of the latest trends, and has been providing clothing that pre-teens and tweens love, at prices mom and dad love. When Justice clothing was started, the founders were concerned that there just wasn’t age appropriate clothing for young girls that was still stylish. They designed a few items of clothing, and Justice was born!

If you’ve fallen in love with Justice’s fashions and expect that you’ll be doing some shopping there, you’re probably going to want to check out their Justice credit card. The Justice credit card is a great way to bring home great items of clothing without being tied down by financial limitations.

If you have a Justice credit card, you’ll need to logon and activate your account to take advantage of all the benefits. When you enroll your Justice card online, you can pay your monthly Justice bill, view your most recent Justice statement to see how much you’ve spent in stores and online, check to see what your due date and amount for your Justice bill are, and see your most recent Justice transactions.

For people who shop at Justice, there’s absolutely no reason to miss out on the Justice credit card!

To contact Justice about your credit card account:

  • 1-888-774-8658


  1. www.hrsaccount.com/justicecard