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Hot Topic Guest List

  • Apply for the popular Hot Topic credit card online or returning users can sign in with their email address to access their Guest List rewards account online
  • The card comes in two styles the standard Hot Topic Guest List card and the VIP card
  • This promotional credit card offer is open to Hot Topic Guest List members only and is valid only on standard shipping to the 48 contiguous states

The Hot Topic Guest List credit card is a must for anyone who shops at Hot Topic more than a few times a month.  The card features 1 point for every one dollar spent, a special gift on the card holders birthday, and for every 100 points the customer earns they will receive a $5 reward coupon to Hot Topic.  Customers who want to earn rewards faster should upgrade to the Hot Topic Guest List VIP card which will provide 1.25 points for every dollar spent PLUS $2 standard shipping and a dedicated customer service hotline.

Hot Topic Guest List Comments

  • In order to obtain VIP status the card holder must make a minimum of $500 in purchases per year
  • Residents living in the states of Alaska or Hawaii using the VIP Card will receive standard shipping for $10
  • International Hot Topic Guest List VIP members will get 50% off standard shipping
  • The $5 reward is only good for 45 days from the date of issuance
  • Rewards can be used when making a purchase online at Hot Topic

Please note that customers who do not use the entire reward on a purchase will forfeit the remaining reward amount… for example if the customer purchases a $4 concert T-short from Hot Topic and does not buy anything else the remaining $1 will be forfeited.

Questions about a Hot Topic Guest List credit card account?

  • 1.800.892.8674 (U.S.)
  • 1.855.847.1400 (Canada)
  • 1.626.603.3182 (International)

Customers can sign up for an online account in order to track Guest List reward points, view recent transactions, and update customer information.  There is no limit in-store on how many Hot Topic Guest List rewards a customer can use in store BUT online purchases are limited to 10.

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