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Hospice MD

  • Hospice MD is a software that lets hospice providers manage nearly every aspect of their care, from patient records to their own reporting and billing
  • Designed to let hospice administrators and employees do their jobs as easily as possible, ensuring that they’re able to focus on the health of patients and the health of the facility
  • Facilities that administer hospice care can request a free demo of Hospice MD to see if it’s right for them

Hospice MD offers several advantages over other record keeping methods, like must more timely patient care, virtually instant charting, alerts about compliance issues, seamless tracking of care, QAPI report filing, tools to make sure billing is smooth, and more. Partnering with Hospice MD gives medical facilities protection for their customer base, a reduction in overall overhead, easy online billing, the ability to spread a workload over the course of a while month, and faster, most convenient collection of client revenue.

More advantages of Hospice MD over other methods of medical record keeping

Hospice MD is a software that was developed in 2006 by a California based health and technology firm and by a team of clinical, hospice, and administrative professionals. The software was designed to revolutionize how hospice facilities manage their day to day operations, and had to be not only user friendly, but available from anywhere, and most importantly, incredibly secure by HIPPA standards. Several other benefits of Hospice MD include:

  • Incredibly user friendly interface, making staff training simple
  • Prioritized access available with different access levels for different classes of employees
  • Can be programmed to work with local, state, federal, and even in-house guidelines
  • Gives hospice care facilities a higher level of efficiency at a much lower cost, saving enough money to pay for itself in little time

To contact a representative of HospiceMD

  • 100 N. Citrus St., Suite 225, West Covina, CA 91791
  • (626) 699-2135

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