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Hiring To Win

  • People who are interested in working for McDonald’s can visit the Hiring to Win web site to apply
  • Applicants who have already started an application with McDonald’s can begin where  they left off
  • Job seekers can search for corporate jobs with McDonald’s or for job with specific McDonald’s restaurants

Hiring To Win is free to use and is operated by the McDonald’s Corporation.  Employees of McDonald’s get great benefits like flexible hours, free uniforms, medical, dental, and prescription insurance, and a 24 hour nurse line. Employees of McDonald’s also get short-term disability and term life insurance, a 401K, paid vacation and sick time, plus educational assistance and travel/entertainment discounts.  McDonald’s claims that when people work for them, it’s more than a job. It’s a chance to learn, grow, and move forward. McDonald’s also believes very strongly in the power of education, offering plenty of job training, plus high school and college credit opportunities, and even college scholarships. The restaurant chain also offers General Manager Business Leadership Capstone courses that gives managers the tools they need to climb the corporate ladder.

Hiring To Win Comments

  • McDonald’s is an equal employment employer
  • Those who started an application can login and continue
  • The McDonald’s Hiring to Win web site is available in either English or Spanish

More About McDonald’s

  • Current slogan is “I’m Loving It,” but past ones include: “Did Somebody Say McDonald’s,” “We Do It All For You,” and “
  • Was founded in 1940 and is the world’s largest fast food hamburger restaurant
  • Started as a barbecue restaurant, but quickly found much more success as a hamburger stand with production line principles applied
  • In the United States, most McDonald’s stores are franchise locations, but in the UK and Ireland, the majority of store are owned by McDonald’s corporate

In some countries, McDonald’s has locations known as McDrive that are located near highways and have no seating. Many McDonald’s today also have McCafe locations that offer full service coffee options.  To contact McDonald’s corporate headquarters please write to: McDonald’s Corporation, 2111 McDonald’s Dr., Oak Brook, IL 60523 (those looking to receive a response in the mail should provide their name and address).

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