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Hill’s Pet Rebates

  • Shoppers who have purchased a Hills Pet Nutrition Product with an attached rebate can file that rebate claim online quickly and easily
  • Most Hills Pet rebates can be initially processed online, but will require further documentation actually mailed in to complete the rebate process
  • If a customer has purchased multiple Hills Pet Nutrition products that come with a rebate, each one must be mailed in separately in an individual envelope

The Hills Pets Rebates service is set up for people who have purchased a Hills Pet Nutrition Product that comes with a rebate to file that rebate offer online and track their Hills rebate once it’s been submitted. The conditions for each Hills Pets rebate is different depending on the product, but most do require that the shopper have their original UPC code from the product they purchased. If a Hills Pet rebate requires a UPC code but one isn’t provided, that rebate won’t be processed. Submission periods do vary from rebate to rebate, and no Hills Pet rebates will be accepted after the deadline for that specific rebate has passed, regardless of when the product was actually purchased, and regardless of whether the rebate submitted encountered mail trouble.

What documentation is required to mail in a Hills Pet Nutrition rebate?

Most Hills rebates do limit a shopper to just one item per rebate promotion, including several members of a household. An original rebate form from Hills is required most of the time, but in a case where a store has run out of rebate forms, another method of filing may be accepted.

  • In the majority of cases, shoppers will receive their Hills Pet rebate back within 4 to 6 weeks of when they mailed in their rebate forms

To contact a representative about a Hill’s Pet Rebates customer service agent?

  • Call 877-322-8355

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