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Health Choice OK

  • Logon to find a doctor near you that accepts the OK Health Choice Program
  • OK Health is a part of Oklahoma’s Employee Group Insurance Division
  • HealthChoice has two available identification cards. One┬ácard is used for general medical benefits and dental benefits, while the other is used for prescription medicine and pharmacy benefits.

For residents of Oklahoma who are eligible for the state’s EGID health program, OK Health Choice has a huge variety of options available when it comes to choosing a healthcare provider. Fortunately, the OK Health Choice program has a convenient online search function.

Oklahoma’s OK Health Choice program has a variety of providers available. Logon to find a doctor near you that accepts the OK Health Choice Program. There’s a list of medical and dental providers like orthodontists, cardiologists, opticians, and more. OK Health users can search to see all providers near their location, or they can search by a specific practice to see every available option in the state.

OK Health Choice online lets users search for a general healthcare provider, an HMO provider, a dental plan provider, and a vision care provider. HealthChoice even offers help for obesity, with screening and intervention available for children, and an office visit for morbid obesity, plus diet and behavioral counseling in primary care to help patients promote an overall improved, healthy diet and lifestyle.

Health Choice OK is a part of Oklahoma’s EGID, the Employees Group Insurance Division, and is dedicated to a mission statement of providing the communities of Oklahoma with a wide range of health services that are not only comprehensive, but competitively priced and uniquely designed to fit the needs of each patient.

To contact the state of Oklahoma about a Network Provider Search:

  • 3545 N.W. 58th Street,Ste 110, Oklahoma City, OK 73112
  • Local: (405) 717-8701
  • Toll Free: (800) 543-6044