www.hccredit.com – HCCredit Online Account Services


  • Register for an account or learn more about online service via the HC Processing Center
  • Requires a username in order to gain online access
  • Online bill pay is available via the HCCredit service

Customers can also request a credit increase once every 6 months through the HC Processing Center Credit Department BUT a costly $29 processing fee will be charged to those are awarded a credit limit increase.  The HCCredit center also allows a member to update a address, phone number and email address online in less than a minute.

HCCredit Comments

  • Free to use and operated bu the HCC Processing Center
  • There is no penalty for paying off an account early
  • Paying more than the minimum in one month does not allow the HCCredit customer to skip payments in the months that follow
  • Those who make the minimum monthly payment can take as much time as they need to pay down an account
  • Payments can be made online, by mail, or use the phone system to authorize automated payments
  • Online payments require a checking account that is in good standing (i.e. Bank of America checking account)
  • Online payments made before 5:00 pm CT should be credited to the customer’s account that day
  • Can be used by the primary account holder only
  • Only one payment method can be used at any given time

In order to register for a HHCredit account online the customer will need a valid email address, Account Access Code from their HCCredit statement, their account number, and the last for digits of their social.  Any questions about the HCCredit service can be directed to the award-winning Cardholder Care Department at 877-486-3442.  The most popular activities that can be performed using the HCCredit service are online bill pay, verify due dates, check available credit, view pending account activity, and schedule Recurring payments using a good standing checking or savings account.

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