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Hallmark Business Mercy

  • If you received a Valued Expressions Card, logon to redeem it
  • You can choose from hundreds of merchants
  • Enter your award number and total dollar amount of your card to redeem

The Hallmark Valued Expressions card is a special way to share a gift with a loved one or friend. When you purchase the card, you select a dollar amount you’d like to be on it. Once you give it to the recipient, they can choose from a list of hundreds of merchants, both online and in-store, and have a gift card to their favorite store. If you’re not sure what gift card to get someone, and you don’t want to give an impersonal gift like cash, a card like this could very well be the perfect choice! Gift cards are available starting at $10, in increments of $5. If you have a card valued at $20 or more, you can choose from multiple merchants.

To get started redeeming your card, just enter the award number and dollar amount printed. From there, you can select one of hundreds of available merchants. If you’re entering multiple cards, choose the highest valued one first. This makes sure that you’ll have the largest number of merchants to select from. If you change your mind and decide to claim your at a later date, just click the “Remove” button and the card will be taken out of your account.

The value on your Valued Expression card never expires, but the value on the gift card you claim may, so be sure you check the rules. Once you place your claim, you should receive your card in the mail within one week. Orders are usually processed the same day that they’re received. There are e-gift cards available, which are usually received within 24 hours.

To contact Hallmark Business Connections:

  • E-mail customer.service@HallmarkBusinessConnections.com
  • Call 866-601-5918