www.gopro.com/getstarted – Download Go Pro Desktop App

Go Pro Get Started

  • Download the popular GoPro App for desktop which allows customers to view GoPro photos and videos via their computer
  • Once the app has been installed videos and images from the customers Go Pro will automatically be uploaded
  • This is the easiest way to get videos and images to the users Facebook or YouTube account

The Go Pro Get Started service does not come with any additional fees and can be bundled with the state of the art GoPro Studio app which allows for more advanced editing (this is for people who actually have experience in editing video), including GoPro templates, slow-motion effects and color enhancements (i.e. make the video into a retro black and white look).  Other cool features associated with the Go Pro Get Started service include:

  • Optimized for offloading, organizing and sharing GoPro photos and videos
  • Users can edit time-lapse photos
  • Add HiLight Tags which will allow the Go Pro user to access their videos quickly and efficiently
  • Will automatically download the latest updates to the Go Pro device
  • The app will automatically imports the files from the users camera or SD card and keeps all the GoPro photos and videos organized in one place

Any questions about the Go Pro Get Started service can be directed to a customer call agent at 1 (888) 600-4659.  In order to download the app the customer must be using a MAC or Windows PC and have a minimum of 4 GB of RAM.  Go Pro also recommends the PC in which the app is being downloaded to have a 5400 RPM internal drive and a 7200 RPM drive or SSD.

Go Pro Inc

  • California-based action camera company
  • Founded in 2002 by Nick Woodman
  • Listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange under ticker symbol GPRO

Go Pro is headquartered at 3000 Clearview Way San Mateo, CA 94402 and can be reached by phone at 650-332-7600 (please do not contact the number in regards to the Go Pro Get Started service).  Go Pro has around 1500 employees and is considered a Photographic Equipment & Supplies industry.  (please note HectaMedia.com is an owner of a Go Pro and loves it).

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