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  • Activate your Credit Shop loan pre-approval to get started towards your financial freedom today
  • You will need to have your Credit Shop reservation number, plus your Social Security number to proceed
  • Your funds from Credit Shop can be used for a number of different needs, including bills, auto or home repairs, medical expenses, and more

If you’ve been pre-approved for a loan with Credit Shop, congratulations! Y0u’re on your way to financial freedom that you didn’t have before. But to start the process of your loan, you’ve got to activate your reservation first.

To get started with your Credit Shop application, you’ll just need your reservation number, the last 4 digit of your Social Security number, and your ZIP code. The only reason this information is needed is to verify your identity, and to make sure that the person filling out the form is the same one that received the pre-approval mailer from Credit Shop.

You can use the funds from your Credit Shop loan for anything, including home repairs, debt consolidation, auto repairs, emergencies, bills, or any other expense that may pop up.

Credit Shop knows that hard working people sometimes run in to trouble with their finance, and they want to help people get the finances they need. If someone is willing to work, Credit Shop is willing to help. There are only two things that may get in the way of your pre-approval from Credit Shop. If you have had a recent (and adverse) change in your overall credit, or if your identity and personal information cannot be verified, your loan approval will not be processed.

You will receive instant approval for your Credit Shop loan. You’ll also be notified by e-mail and text. You should receive your Credit Shop funds the next business day after your loan is approved.


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