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  • Obtain more details about the Quell 60 day free trial offer
  • Quell is billed as a 100% drug free, for widespread relief of chronic pain (the FDA has cleared Quell for 24/7 use)
  • The risk free trial offer comes with free shipping so the customer will not have to pay a dime

The Get Quell trial offer is worth a try for those who suffer from chronic pain and the customer will not have to pay a dime for the product unless they decide to keep it (once the 60 days have expired the customer will not be able to return the product).  Try Quell is not intended for use for those who suffer from migraines or headaches and all customers should contact their primary doctor before using the Quell.

Quell Highlights:

  • 100% drug free and cleared by the FDA
  • Easy to wear (co workers will have a hard time seeing it)
  • Quell carries a 2 year warranty against any technical defect
  • Doctor recommended and clinically proven PLUS its made in the USA (The Donald would approve)
  • Patented OptiTherapy (automatically adjusts dose to deliver optimal pain relief)
  • Track therapy and sleep and customize device operation through Bluetooth connection and smart phone app
  • Quell can even be purchased at some health care professionals office

When people were asked if the product improved chronic pain 81% of customers said yes while 67% said they reduced the amount of pain medicine they were taking due to Quell.   Any questions in regards to the Get Quell offer can be directed to 800.419.4862.  Please note that Quell is ideal for humans that suffer from back pain, nerve pain, leg and foot pain or those who suffer from arthritis (the product is not designed to help issues with the head).  Quell can be purchased at popular retailers to include Walgreens, Target, CVS, and Brookstone.

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