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Get Frenzy

  • Download the new Get Frenzy App online via Google Play or the Apple Store
  • Frenzy is billed as the best way to see which friends are available to make plans with now
  • Provides a unique group chat system that allows an even to be planned in seconds with everyone’s approval

The Get Frenzy app allows a user to come up with an idea for an event (i.e. soccer game), set how many people are needed to make the event happen, and how long the users have to reply.  If the event goes unfulfilled it will disappear (similar to “Snapchat for events”).  Please note that people do not have to have the Frenzy app in order to receive a group event invite as they will receive a text message that lets them know everything that people with the app know.

Get Frenzy Comments

  • An ideal way to plan a spur of the moment event
  • Extremely popular with teens
  • Get Frenzy is designed around proposing lots of things to do, quickly picking who to invite, and getting a response in record time (no sitting around for hours waiting for people to respond to a bothersome text message)
  • The main user sending out the event invitation can use the Peeps Picker to allow other people to invite their friends (this option can also be turned off so only the primary event planner can make invites)
  • To mute or unmute outside the app (SMS) simply reply “#MUTE” or “#UNMUTE” to the phone number who sent an invitation from

Any questions in regards to the Get Frenzy app can be directed to support@getfrenzy.com or text Frenzy at 650-263-8486.  Any feedback (both good or bad) can be emailed to team@getfrenzy.com (Frenzy request that all feedback be sent even if it is bad as it will help them improve the service).

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