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  • Food 4 Less opened in August of 1988, and has been sticking to their motto of “the highest quality products and selection at the lowest possible price” ever since
  • Thanks to special partnership, in the past 6 years, over 17,000 U.S. veterans have received jobs with Food 4 Less

Headquartered in Compton, CA., Food 4 Less is a grocery chain with locations in California, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. Food 4 Less first opened their doors in 1988, and has been providing the absolute best quality of food at the absolute lowest price for over almost 30 years now. Food 4 Less stores are “no-frills” shopping, meaning that you may have to do things like bag your own groceries, but that’s reflected when you get your receipt at checkout and see how much you’ve saved!

If you’ve visited a Food 4 Less and loved what you saw as a shopper, they why not consider becoming a part of the Food 4 Less team as an employee?

When you work for Food 4 Less, you’re given a “Total Rewards” benefits package that offers regular benefits like insurance and a 401K, but also offers wellness initiatives like Weight Watchers, coaching programs, and discounted gym memberships. Food 4 Less even offers stock options, discounted home and auto insurance, adoption benefits, and college tuition assistance and full college scholarships!

Food 4 Less is currently owned by Kroger, so if you work for Food 4 Less, you’ll see many of the same employee benefits that people who work at Kroger locations are offered.

If you’re a veteran, Food 4 Less has special programs that help those who served in the armed forces get a civilian job. In fact, since 2009, over 17,000 veterans have joined the Food 4 Less family.

To contact Food 4 Less:

  • If you’re asking about a specific job, it would be best to contact the specific Food 4 Less store. But for all other questions, call 1-866-221-4141


  1. www.food4less.com/careers