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First Niagara Online Banking

  • Logon to your First Niagara Online Bank account: check your account balance, see your recent transactions, and more
  • If you’re in the market for a home loan, First Niagara has special mortgage programs for veterans and for first time buyers
  • First Niagara has financial advisers that are dedicated to helping customers save wisely for retirement or for education

First Niagara Bank was founded in 1870, so they have almost 150 years of providing first rate financial services to their customers. Their focus is helping their customers save more, pay less, borrow smarter, and invest wisely.

Everyone needs a bank, and if you’re in the Mid-Atlantic New England area, you’ve found your new banking home! First Niagara Bank genuinely cares about every one of their customers. They’re large enough to provide all the services of a national bank, but small enough to give personal attention to your important financial matters. In short, you won’t find a bank that cares more about their customers. To First Niagara, you’re not just an account number, but you’re a real person.

If you’re looking to borrow money, First Niagara wants to help you reach your dreams. Whether you’re looking for financing to purchase a home or a car, or just a personal loan, it won’t take much searching to see that First Niagara offers the absolute best rates in the New England area. They even have special loan programs for first time buyers and veterans. You can borrow up to 85% of the price of your home, and you’ll receive a decision very quickly.

And if you’re looking to plan for your future, First Niagara Bank specializes in helping their customers plan for retirement. They know exactly how to take the funds you have and invest them for your future needs.

To contact First Niagara Bank:

  • 1-800-421-0004
  • P.O. Box 514, 6950 S. Transit Road, Lockport, NY 14095-0514