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First Choice Power Online Payment

  • Make a one time payment towards your First Choice Power account, or set up automatically recurring payments
  • Hate getting more clutter in the mail? Sign up for paperless statements, and your bill will be e-mailed to you.
  • Find the closest location where you can pay your First Choice Power bill online

First Choice Power believe in bringing energy that’s reasonable and reliable to Texas. They’re committed to providing unmatched customer service and to providing low-priced energy without any of the extra hassles or gimmicks. Simply put, they know their customers are their core. Whether you’re renting in a month-to-month situation, you’ll be in one place for a year or so, or you’re settling down for the long haul, First Choice has a payment plan that’s perfect for you.

That’s why they have a system in place that lets you take care of anything related to your bill at any time – 24 hours a day. With First Choice Power’s online system, it’s never been easier to manage your account. Their mission is to put the customer in control, and it shows. You can making a payment (one time or recurring), start or stop service, choose to receive paperless statements, change your contact information, and more.

You can choose to utilize “Average Billing,” which means that your payment is nearly the same amount every month (based on your last 12 month bill totals). This way, there’s no more guesswork in your bill and no surprises to work into your budget. You know what to expect.

  • If you’d like, you can even choose to get your bill entirely in Spanish.
  • Make a donation to the “Care to Share Fund,” which is a customer funded fund that helps qualified customers if they’re having trouble paying their bill

To contact First Choice Power about your account:

  • 1-866-469-2464
  • CustomerService@FirstChoicePower.com