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First Bank Card Sun Country

  • Login to make a payments towards your Sun Country airlines account 24 hours a day
  • With mobile banking, you can view your account balances right from your smart phone
  • Redeem your Sun Country rewards card points for benefits like one-way and round-trip flights – on any day, in any seat, at any time.

Do you frequently fly Sun Country Airlines? If so, here’s the perfect credit card to help you fly even more. This credit card gives you the access to funds you need while letting you rack up points to earn free travel. This is so much more than just a rewards credit card, though.

One of the best things about this card is the rewards points. If you fly Sun Country Airlines often, you can rack up points quickly! Customers earn 4 points for every $1 spent during on-board purchases on a Sun Country flight, 2 points for every $1 spent on Sun Country airline products and services, and 1 point for every $1 spent everywhere else. Your points can be redeemed for

A good financial plan starts with knowledge. That’s why your benefits with the Sun Country Airlines card from First Bankcard also include “FICO 8 Bankcard Score,” where you can view your FICO credit score free at any time online. You can also find out what factors had the most impact on your score, and learn what you can do to make your score better. Your benefits also include FirstGuard, a system that offers unprecedented fraud protection. Your account is monitored 24 hours a day, and you’ll be immediately notified of fraudulent activity. You have absolutely zero liability for any charges that appear on your account, and any unauthorized charges will be credited back to your account, guaranteed.

To contact FirstBankcard about your Sun Country Airlines card:

  •  1-888-295-5540
  • First Bankcard, C/O First National Bank of Omaha, P.O. Box 2340, Omaha, NE 68103