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Fantasy Basketball With ESPN

  • Logon to manage your ESPN fantasy basketball team, set up a new league, and more
  • Find rankings, advice, cheat sheets, and more to help you stay on top of your league
  • Find local blogs from each NBA team, where that city’s beat writer keep you on top of everything

Fantasy sports are more competitive than ever before, so you’ve got to stay informed if you want to win! And what better way to stay informed than to trust the worldwide leader in sports, ESPN. But you don’t have to just get information from ESPN, you can run your entire league straight through their website! When your trust ESPN with your fantasy league, you have access to tools and information that no other site can offer. The best part of all is that everything is completely FREE! You get free live scoring, free expert advice, a mock draft and live draft lobby, and access to community forums where you can compare notes, talk smack, and gloat about your latest win. Whether you’re a hardcore, fantasy sports devotee, or this is your first time in the game, ESPN is here to meet everything you need.

You can set up an entirely new league to play with your friends, join an existing league with complete strangers, or reactivate a league you had from another season. You can customize dozens of rules to fit your specific needs. Want to count fouls as negative points? You can set it up! Want to count “clutch” three pointers are more? You can make it happen! The league is entirely up to you.

There’s even an app available that lets you manage thing on the go! All you need is an Apple or Android cell phone.

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  • 1 (888) 549-3776
  • Use the contact form located on their website