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Equifax Security 2017

  • Check to see if your one of millions who had their personal information on Equinox hacked
  • It appears that Equinox has added a comment in the faqs portion of the page that those who sign up for the TrustedID Premier service will NOT lose their right to partipaye in a class action lawsuit
  • Experts close to the case think that Equinox only added this statement recently in hopes to avoid a massive uproar over the incedent (originally the FAQ statement was not listed and those who signed up for the TrustedID Premier service would forgo their right to file a class action lawsuit)

EquifaxSecurity2017.com is powered by Equifax Inc. and is designed to provide details about the recent cyber hack.  Equifax has recently tripled their call center staff to more than 2000 agents to deal with the influx of calls they are receiving in regards to the hack.  Some consumers who visited EquifaxSecurity2017.com when it was first online were unable receive confirmation clarifying whether or not they were potentially impacted. That issue is now resolved, and Equinox encourages those consumers to revisit the site to receive a response that clarifies their status.  According to reports the Equifax security hack affected more than 140,000,000 accounts and approximately 209,000 credit cards from U.S. consumers were stolen.

www.EquifaxSecurity2017.com Highlights

  • The breach took place from mid-May through July 2017
  • Equifax can be reached at 866-447-7559, every day (including weekends) from 7:00 a.m. – 1:00 a.m. Eastern time in regards to questions about the hack
  • Equifax hired a high end security firm to review the case and determine the scope of the intrusion (which was massive)
  • The issues is now 100% contained and Equinox has hired the independent cybersecurity firm to take steps to prevent a hack like this from happening again (easier said then done)
  • All consumers are encouraged to visit www.ftc.gov/idtheft, to learn more about how to protect their identity!


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