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Employ Georgia

  • Residents in the state of Georgia can apply for a variety of jobs through this online job portal
  • The Employ Georgia service is operated by the Georgia Department of Labor
  • Job seekers can explore jobs with or without registering

It is recommended that job seekers register for the Employ Georgia service as it only takes a few minutes (two steps easy steps in total), requires an email address, and allows the job seekers to create or upload a resume…. the account holder will also be able to view all job postings, including ones recommended for the users based on their experience, skills, and expertise.  Those who want to search for jobs using the Employ Georgia service without registering may do so BUT won’t be able to permanently store a resume or add personalized career options (i.e. accounting, teaching).

Employ Georgia Comments

  • A must for anyone looking for a job in the Peach State
  • The purpose, role, and scope of EmployGeorgia.com is limited to a preliminary and broad matching of job seekers to potential employers, based on location, desired salary, and other legitimate criteria
  • Users can search for home based jobs only (these jobs are designed for someone who can only/prefers work from home)
  • The GDOL is an equal opportunity employer and service provider
  • Job seekers can also search by posting date, education level required, salary level (i.e. annual pay), occupation/industry, availability (i.e. nights only), and languages

Any questions in regards to the Employ Georgia Job Seekers service can be directed to 844.283.0997 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. EST Monday thru Friday (the Employ Georgia Support Call Center is closed on the weekends and all Federal holidays).  All comments, suggestions, and questions are encouraged as it will help improve the Employ Georgia job finding service.

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