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Employee Connection Macy’s

  • Allows Macy’s employees access to online job related information
  • Please have the employee identification number on hand along with the employees two digit division code
  • The service is free to use for all Macy’s employees

The employee connection Macy’s online service is operated by Macy’s, Inc., (who are based at 7 West Seventh St., Cincinnati, OH 45202) and can only be used by Macy’s employees.  Any questions about the Employee Connection service should be directed to the Macy’s employees immediate supervisor or human resource office.

What type of information/benefits does the Employee Connection Macy’s service provide?

  • Retirement information (i.e. 401k, AARP, and Social Security)
  • Earning for Learning (provides grants to accredited public and private elementary or secondary schools at which a Macy’s, Inc. employee, retiree, and/or their immediate family member has volunteered, consistent with the terms of the program)
  • Employee Assistance Program (online health tools provided by CIGNA)
  • Matching Gifts (please note gifts must be $25 or more in order to be matched by Macy’s)
  • Scholarship Program (ideal for college students who would like to gain real world retail experience while going to school)
  • College Bound Fund Employee Payroll Direct Deposit Program  (questions about this service can be directed to 1.800.227.2900 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time Monday thru Friday… the call center is closed on the weekends)

Please note any questions about the Employee Connection Macy’s matching gift program can be directed to (800)838-2063.  The maximum amount any one individual can donate during a calendar year is listed as $1,000 of personal funds.  Individual’s gifts will be matched dollar-for-dollar to organizations that are classified as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and fall within the philanthropic focus areas of education, arts and culture, hunger relief and disaster relief.  Those who would like to reach out to the matching gifts program team via email should send it to: matchinggifts@macys.com.

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