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Emerge Card

  • Use your Emerge Card anywhere you see the Visa or Mastercard logo
  • Logon to make a payment to your Emerge account or to see your most recent transactions
  • The Emerge Credit Card is a great card for a first time applicant or someone who is rebuilding their credit history

The Emerge Credit Card company understand that having good credit is important to just about everything in your life. That’s why they make it easy for users to get their first credit card, and they make it easy for people to rebuild their credit if they’ve struggled with financial issues.

If you’re an Emerge Card holder, make sure you’ve registered your account online to take advantages of all of the features this card has to offer. When you register your Emerge Card, you can make a payment online, check your Emerge balance, view recent transactions, and more. In short, you can handle absolutely everything you need to with your Emerge account.

Once you have your Emerge card, it’s easy to add a family member in your household to your account. Just contact customer service, and they’ll add an authorized user to your account and send out a new card. Your new Emerge card will arrive in the mail, and it will work just the same as the main card does.

If you’re making a payment to your Emerge Card account, you can’t make that payment with another debit or credit card. Emerge payment can only be made through a bank transfer on the phone or online, through a check in the mail, online, or through Western Union or MoneyGram.

If you need to report your Emerge Card as lost or stolen, contact their customer service as soon as you can.

To contact Emerge Card:

  • Emerge Card Services, P.O. Box 105555, Atlanta GA 30348-5555
  • 402-341-0500