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Earth Friendly Settlement

  • People who purchased “Earth Friendly” products from the Venus company between 1/23/11 to 11/5/15 are eligible to be a part of a class action lawsuit
  • The deadline to submit a claim to be a part of the Earth Friendly settlement is 2/15/15
  • The settlement payment in the Earth Friendly Products class action lawsuit will be $25 per individual, regardless of how many products were purchased.

A class action lawsuit against Earth Friendly Products made by Venus alleges that their products were labeled as “natural” when they really contained unnatural ingredients, including methylisothiazolinone, which is an allergen and skin irritant. Venus denies these allegations, but has agreed to settle this case out of court to avoid legal proceedings. The form to be a part of the Earth Friendly suit can be filed online or printed and mailed in person.

This means that everyone who purchased at least one Venus Earth Friendly product from Jan. 23, 2011 to Nov. 5, 2015 could be eligible to receive a piece of the settlement funds. In addition to the settlement funds, Earth Friendly has also agreed to make changes to their label, changes to their website, and change the formula makeup of their Dishmate product to remove the presence of MIT as an ingredient.

The deadline to file a claim in the Earth Friendly class action lawsuit is Feb. 15, 2015. A final approval hearing will be held on March 15, 2015. Settlement checks from Earth Friendly will be mailed out within two weeks after the approval hearing.

Venus Laboratories was founded in 1967, and changed their name to Earth Friendly Products in 1987. Today, Earth Friendly operates five North American plants and sells their products mainly through major supermarkets. The story of Venus Laboratories and founder Van Vlahakis was told in the 2013 movie A Green Story.

To contact the claims administrator in the Earth Friendly Products Settlement:

  • Venus Earth Friendly Products Settlement c/o Dahl Administration PO Box 3614 Minneapolis, MN 55403-0614
  • 1-888-236-5349


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