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Dubuque Franchise Fee Settement

  • People who lived in Dubuque, Iowa from 2001 to 2009 and paid for gas or utility services may be eligible for free compensation from a class action lawsuit
  • A class action lawsuit alleges that the city of Dubuque charges franchise fees to utility customers without their knowledge or consent
  • The deadline to file a claim against the city of Dubuque is March 29 of 2016

If you were a resident of Dubuque, Iowa from the dates of September 5, 2001, to May 25, 2009, and you were billed for gas or utility services during that time, you could have a free check coming to you thanks to a class action lawsuit against the city of Dubuque.

This class action lawsuit alleges that Dubuque overcharged customers for franchise fees, fees that amounted to about 2% of the bill. With the class action lawsuit against Dubuque, customers will be refunded a portion of the franchise fees they paid.

The city of Dubuque denies any wrongdoing for this matter, so the case is headed to court for a judge to make a decision. A judge will make a decision in the spring of 2016, and settlement checks will be mailed out some time shortly after that decision.

If you plan on filing a claim in the class lawsuit against Dubuque, the deadline to do so is March 29, 2016, so make sure you have your claim in before that date. It’s easy to file your claim for the suit online, and should only take a few minutes to complete. If you paid utility bills in Dubuque for several years during the eligible period, those franchise fees can add up, so it’s worth filing a claim!

If you do choose to participate in the class action suit against Dubuque, remember that you no longer have the right to sue on your own in this matter.

To contact the claims administrator in the City of Dubuque Utility class action settlement:

  • Dubuque Franchise Fee Settlement, PO Box 1991, Faribault, MN 55021
  • 1-855-263-3445


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