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Download Book Free

  • Browse and download certain books online in PDF epub format
  • In order to browse and download books customers will have to create a Free Account
  • Visitors will have to verify their email address before content can be accessed

The reason customers must now create a free account online before downloading books is due to the attacks that caused the Download Book Free service to go down for a few weeks since Oct 21st , (now ALL visitors must register a FREE account with a valid email address and be logged in).  Making people sign up for a free account will help ensure server up timer and will guard against similar future attacks.

Download Book Free Comments

  • Customers will find some (but not many) New York Times best sellers
  • The service mostly offers old books that were not that popular to begin with

There will NEVER be a charge associated with creating a FREE download Book account and customers can sleep easy knowing their email address will never be sold to a third-party.

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