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  • Oil pension checks are not limited to employees of oil companies, and have an incredible rate of return
  • The average Social Security check is about $1,200 for each individual, which is often not nearly enough to live on
  • Average people have access to the same pension that employees of oil companies have, without any sort of time or money investment

For people who receive Social Security, it’s been known for a long time that  Since oil companies do not advertise these checks, many people don’t know about them! As a result, there are thousands of dollars that go unclaimed each month! The US Social Security Department says that the average payment made is a little over $1,200 each month. That’s not nearly enough, so many people are looking for better investments. They’re finding these investments in oil pensions!

Thanks to a law signed by Ronald Reagan, oil pension checks have been a little known income source for decades. The average person has access to the same pension that someone who worked for the oil company for 40 years has.

Mitchell Clark has been involved in finances for over 25 years, and is now dedicated to sharing the incredible opportunity that’s called Oil Pension Checks. These pension checks are not limited to employees, and they’re not stock dividend checks. People who receive an oil pension check are actually considered investors without the headache and hassle of investing.

Oil pensions have been called “Wall Street’s best kept secret” for many years thanks to their safe, steady returns that give returns of hundreds or thousands of percent each year. Depending on how many companies are utilized, people have been making from $2,728 to over $20,000 every single month!

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