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Cumberland Farms Smart Pay

  • Smart Pay from Cumberland Farms lets customers save 10 cents on every single gallon of gas they purchase
  • To date, Smart Pay has saved Cumberland Farms customers over $39,00,000
  • Customers can log in to the Smart Pay service to manage their account, including verifying initial enrollment, reporting a lost Smart Pay card, and viewing transactions

Cumberland Farms Smart Pay is free to use, and free to sign up for. Customers just download the Smart Pay app for their Apple or Android device, and they’re ready to start saving. When Cumberland Farms customers use their Smart Pay card that’s linked to their checking account, they help Cumberland Farms save money on credit and debit card processing fees. As a sign of thanks, Cumberland Farms passes that savings along, and knocks 10 cents off the price of every single gallon of gas.

Cumberland Farms Smart Pay Comments

  • At certain locations, Cumberland Farms stores are equipped with technology that lets the customer pay for their gas with the Smart Pay app
  • Cumberland Farms offers two kinds of Smart Pay account: Smart Pay Check Link and Smart Pay Business
  • The Check Link version of Smart Pay is designed for customers who spend less than $500 a week on gas, and allows them to add up to five cards to a single account
  • Smart Pay Business lets companies add as many drivers as they want to the account, and even has an online portal to make managing fuel spending as easy as possible

More to Know about Cumberland Farms:

Cumberland Farms is a chain of convenience stores based in Framingham, Mass.

  • Founded in 1938 and has over 700 locations today
  • Operates mainly in the New England portion of the US with a few locations in Florida
  • Has a total annual revenue that averages over $16 billion

To contact Cumberland Farms about the Easy Pay program:

  • Cumberland Farms, Inc., 100 Crossing Boulevard, Framingham, MA 01702
  • 1-800-225-9702

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