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Cross Wells Fargo TCPA

  • The Cross vs Wells Fargo TCPA Class Action service is set up so that customers who are affected by the actions of Wells Fargo related to this case can file their claim in a class action law suit
  • Those class members who do not submit a claim will NOT receive a payment
  • Every class member who submits a valid claim in the class suit against Wells Fargo will received a payment within the range of $25 to $70

Thanks to a new class action lawsuit against Wells Fargo, customers who received a call or text from Wells Fargo in relation to an overdraft of an account (and this call was received by an autodialer or prerecorded voice) may be eligible for free compensation. The deadline to submit a claim in the Wells Fargo class action suit is January 16, 2017. Members who take part in this Wells Fargo class action suit are legally waiving their right to sue Wells Fargo at a later date regarding this issue, or to join any other class action suit against Wells Fargo related to this specific matter at a later time. Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein will be the legal representation for the plaintiffs in this class suit. Please note the courts have not made a decision as to whether or not Wells Fargo broke the law in this matter, but both parties have agreed to settle out of court simply to avoid the hassle and time that a court case takes.

Who can file a claim in the class action suit against Wells Fargo?

All people who have cell phones and have banking accounts with Wells Fargo and received an automated phone call about a bank overdraft are eligible to participate in this class action lawsuit.

To contact a representative in the Wells Fargo class action lawsuit

  • Call 1-866-565-7718
  • Write to Cross Wells Fargo TCPA Settlement, c/o GCG, P.O. Box 10302, Dublin, OH 43017-5902

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