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Crisis Exposed 7

  • Learn more about an urgent public announcement from Bonner and Partners
  • The Crisis Exposed 7 website features an urgent financial message from one of the top names in the industry –  the president of Agora Inc., and owner of the largest network of independent news and research publishers in America
  • Bill Bonner’s publications reach more than 2 million paid subscribers

Bill Bonner is a financial expert that’s become very well known for his research firm that has been able to accurately predict major shakeups in the world economy before they happen. According to Bill Bonner, a sixth major world shift is on the way, and it’s not going to be happening all the way around the world. The next shift that Bonner expects is predicted to happen right here in the United States. He says that new US laws are actually cracking down on citizen’s rights to use cash to pay for transactions, and their right to spend their cash as they see fit. Why would the government be trying to restrict individuals’ cash flow? Bill Bonner explains it all on his Crisis Exposed 7 web site.

  • Bill argues that the United State’s trade deficit and foreign policy is creating a system that absolutely can’t be sustained, and that economic peril isn’t too far away
  • Predictions from Bill Bonner include the fall of the Soviet Union, the rise of Muslim terrorism, the collapse of the Japanese stock market, the .com bust in 2000, and the financial meltdown of 2008
  • This is nothing more than a financial advisory newsletter sales pitch

Bonner currently has two books to his name: Financial Reckoning Day: Surviving The Soft Depression of The 21st Century and The Daily Reckoning, and with his subscriber base, it’s estimated that he reaches more people than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

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  • 1-800-681-1765


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